If you do weight training, you obviously need to have weights. The Tunturi collection also has a wide range of weight plates, for example this 25 kg black Tunturi Bumper Plate. The weight plate is made of rubber and has a hole made of stainless steel. The bore is 50 mm, which makes the weight plate suitable for Olympic barbells. You can attach the weight plate to a bar by using closers, for example spring closers or ABS closers. These are can be ordered separate.

The benefits of the Tunturi Bumper Plate 25 kg Black
✔ Suitable for Olympic barbells with a 50 mm. diameter
✔ Weight is clearly marked on the side of the weight plate
✔ Rubber prevents scratch marks on the floor
✔ Combine with heavier weight plates and create a complete barbell set

This 25 kg. Tunturi Bumper Plate of 20 kg is a great weight plate to train with. Order it now!

• Ø 50 mm.
• Color: Black
• Weight: 25 kg.
• Excludes closers
• Each
• Material: Rubber | Stainless steel
• Available in different weights

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Tunturi bumper svoris 25kg

  • Gamintojas: Tunturi
  • Prekės kodas: 14TUSCF060
  • Prieinamumas: 10-12 dienų
  • 90.00€

  • Be PVM: 74.38€