A massage chair with a 3D effect, which has the ability to adapt to the body of the person being massaged. The massage roller can reach all areas of the body and the integrated computer programme analyses body height, weight and spine in a three dimensional way. Intelligent sensors record precisely the most important massage pressure points on the body.In this way, the massage that follows is very personal and individually thought through. This device is equipped with an intelligent 3D massage robot, which not only moves upwards and downwards, but also back and forth.

• The robot is equipped with automatic recognition of the bodyshape. This way the massage is in harmony with your body.

• Special automatic programmes have been developed in order to ensure a pleaseant massage:

Comfort, Relax, Demo, Ache Relieve, Fatigue Recovery, Waist Stretch and Synchronous Music.

• Equipped with 2 memory functions (M1 and M2).

• Massage function for automatic selection of the upper body region; you can choose between 3preset areas:

“Whole”, “Local” and “Fixed point”; 6 techniques: Shoulder Grasp, Kneading, Tapping, Kneadstep, Shiatsu and 3D. There are 5 speed levels for each technique. Five different degrees of width can be selected during the tapping and the Shiatsu massage.

• Airbag function (wit 18 air cushions), arm airbag massage (with 4 air cushions) can be adjusted at 3 levels of intensity.

• Lower body airbag massage function:

•Back airbag massage (with 4 air cushions), buttocks airbag massage (with 16 air cushions) leg airbag massage (with 36 air cushions) at 3 intensity levels.

• Heating function for the back area

• The footrest has a 5-stage extension function. This way it can be adjusted for different body heights.

• The chair has a Zero Space Funktion, which makes a distance for the backrest to the wall unnecessary and helps to save space.

• Wit height adjustment of the footrest, backrest and automatic adjustment of the reclining mode.

• Music playback system: You can play music either wirelessly via Bluetooth or via an audio cable.


1) Fresh air supply (Can be operated at head height on the left hand side)

2) Speakers

At head height on both sides are loudspeakers which can play the music on your playback device.

This way you can fully relax and enjoy the pleasures of the massage and your music at the same time. You can connect a music player such as a mobile or an MP3 player via Bluetooth or with a supplied audio cable to the chair.

Dimensions: upright: 142 x 86 x 123 cm

reclining: 220 x 86 x 96 cm

Weight: 145 kg

Voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Nominal power: 240 W

Runtime: 20 minutes

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Masažo kėdė Skyliner

  • Gamintojas: Casada
  • Prekės kodas: Skyliner
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
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