Colours available- Brown

Chair Hilton III
Measurements upright 80 x 116 x 136 cm
Measurements horizontal 80 x 75 x 167 cm
Weight 86 kg
Power source 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated power max. 230 W

Adjustable range
Adjust the distance between the massage rollers.
Air pressure massage
A quick press of this button allows you to choose between the individual massage
areas:Feet/calves } arms } shoulders } feet/calves/arms } feet/calves/arms/
shoulders.Holding the button for longer automatically selects a combination of the different
Foot roller
Start or stop the foot roller massage
Shiatsu-The Shiatsu massage is a type of physical therapy developed in Japan,
originating from traditional Chinese medicine.
Kneading-In Kneading mode, the massage heads rotate vertically as well as horizontally.
The skin tissue is therefore stimulated and blood flow to the area is
Zero Gravity
Weightless position: Every press of the button switches the setting between one
of the two different automatic reclining positions.
Point massage
The point-by-point massage allows you to choose the area and technique yourself,
in order to massage the desired part of the back.
Choice of massage area
If you have activated the point massage, you can choose from the following
massage areas in manual mode:
Point-by-point } Back } Lumbar } Seat } Back and lumbar } Lumbar and
seat } Whole back

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Masažo kėdė Hilton III

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